The Cambodian government will soon recognize Chinese patents as effective for protection in its own territory, according to SIPO’s news conference on March 2.

Whether from abroad or not, owners of invention patents granted in China can register with the Cambodian authorities. The policy will be applied to Chinese patents that were applied for after Jan 22, 2003 and remain valid are eligible to apply under the policy. The eligible candidate patents do not include utility models and industrial designs.

Cambodian authority will check the application materials without the need to conduct a substantive review, before granting a patent. The materials include a registration form, a patent specification issued by SIPO and other patent documents in English and Khmer, the official language of Cambodia. Once the Chinese patent is recognized in Cambodia, its protection will last for the same time span as in China.

China is also exploring other options in international cooperation to increase IP work efficiency, including the Patent Prosecution Highway program. To date, SIPO has agreed such programs with its counterparts in 27 countries and regions.