Patent Registration Process In India: A Comprehensive Guide To Filing And Prosecuting Patent Applications

Intellectual property rights (IPRs) are essential in the contemporary world because they safeguard human creativity and intellect, which are the basis for innovation, advancement, and economic prosperity. They support innovation and creativity, foster economic progress, safeguard consumers from counterfeit or pirated goods, and promote international trade. By safeguarding their intellectual property, innovators and creators can profit from their endeavors and investments.

One of the most common types of IPR is a Patent. It is an […]

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Joint Cooperation Between The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia And The People’s Republic Of China In The Field Of Intellectual Property

The first Arab-China Summit was held on December 9, 2022, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the aim of developing relations between the two sides in various fields.

The agreement includes putting the directives into practice, through the executive programs of the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum emphasizing the importance of cooperation in the next stage in various political, economic, social, and development fields as well as intellectual property rights.

Earlier, SAIP signed a MoU for cooperation in the […]

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Implementation Of The Limitation Of Goods And Services By The Turkish Patent And Trademark Office

The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (‘office’) applies the Nice Classification for the classification of goods and services in the registration process of national and international trademarks.

Undertakings try to avoid possible conflicts by, for example, restricting their trademarks to the area in which they operate and/or differentiating the goods and services within the scope of their trademark from those covered by earlier similar trademarks. In other words, undertakings aim to circumvent the trademark rights and fields […]

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