Patent Owners May Tend To Sue For Infringement And Negotiate Later

For a patent owner wishing to stop infringement, there have historically been two options in reaching out to an infringer in another state. The first, more expensive option, has been to file an infringement action in the patent owner’s home state and then negotiate with the infringer. The second, less expensive option, has been to attempt to negotiate a patent license with the infringer in another state without filing any infringement action.

The Federal Circuit’s Red […]

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Telemedicine Companies Can Use Patent Law As A Strategic Advantage

As telemedicine services and associated software platforms become more commonplace during the worldwide pandemic, healthcare entrepreneurs and technology companies are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Intellectual property, particularly patents, are a powerful way to protect innovations and exclude competitors from using key features, but most telemedicine companies have not availed themselves of the full strategic potential offered by patents. This article discusses some new and different ways telemedicine […]

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Simple Mistake On Copyright Registration Could Cost $1 Million

After fabric designer Unicolors Inc. (Unicolors) won a nearly $1 million verdict against H&M in a 2016 copyright infringement case, H&M appealed, arguing that Unicolor’s copyright application contained mistakes rendering it invalid. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the verdict, stating that Unicolors was aware of the inaccuracies in its copyright application, and therefore the copyright application should be rendered void.

If the copyright application is declared void, the entire verdict would be thrown […]

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