Using The Uniform Domain-name Dispute Resolution Policy To Stop Or Prevent Fraud

You receive a package of iPhones and they appear to have been ordered by an employee in the purchasing department (let’s call her Jane Doe), however, you weren’t expecting any iPhones.

Upon further inspection, you notice that the email address for the order was However, there is no “Janey” Doe working for the county, and the county’s website is “,” not “” This type of fraudulent behavior was recently reported by the Oklahoma County […]

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Red Flag Raised: E-Motosport Patent Ineligible Under Section 101

In Integrated Technology Solutions v. Motorsport Simulations, 2022 WL 4356494, (D. Mass. Sept. 20, 2022), plaintiff ITS asserted at least U.S. Patent No. 10,046,231 claim 15 against iRacing. That claim reads:

A system, that is at least partially hardware, comprising:

an identification component configured to identify a change in a temperature of a racing surface in a racing video game;

a determination component configured to determine an impact of the change in the temperature of the racing […]

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How You May Succeed In Registering An Affinity Mark Despite Another’s Identical Mark

The Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, which dates back to 1898 and is popularly known as ZTA, was refused registration of ZTA for jewelry (claiming use since at least 1915) and clothing items (claiming use since at least 1940), despite its ownership of an existing 2001 registration of this mark for association services, because of a 2020 registration of ZTA for a variety of housewares and kitchen items owned by a Chinese company (claiming use […]

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