On conducting customs procedures for exported or imported goods, the customs authority shall be responsible to inspect and compare the declared information of the goods owners on the written customs declarations on goods’ names, trademarks, origin, value,…; Inspect and compare the concluded contents of the State management agencies on the exported or imported goods; Results of customs dossiers inspection with the results of goods actual inspection; To compare the said inspection results with the laws and regulations on counterfeit goods.

In case the goods are found with intellectual property rights infringement signs, leaders of the Department of Customs where the infringing goods are located shall consider and decide to apply measures to prevent administrative violations and ensure the administrative violations punishment according to Current regulations for the cases:

Imported goods do not comply with goods labeling in accordance with regulations of laws; state inspection conclusion on goods quality or goods quality inspection results determine that the inspected goods do not fulfill requirements on importation and exportation quality; the goods listed in the list of state management agencies that fail to meet quality standards or are not allowed to circulate on the market; The contents stated on the goods labels are incompliant with other enclosed documents and so on.

Regarding the infringing goods and being temporarily suspended, during the time the goods are being temporarily suspended or subjected to prevention measures as prescribed by laws, the Departments Customs shall be responsible to take the following verification measures: Requesting the goods owner, owners of genuine goods which are counterfeited to provide documentation relating to the goods; cooperating with the goods owners and owners of genuine goods being counterfeited to collect samples and unify the appraisement traders to conduct appraisement; coordinating with the anti-smuggling control forces in verification and investigation according to prescribed profession.

Actions against counterfeit goods or goods with signs of counterfeit

In case the imported, exported goods are detected to be counterfeit, preventive and penalty measures in accordance with legislation on penalties for administrative violations shall be applied;

If exported and imported goods are detected with signs of counterfeit, the Director of the Department of Customs shall request the customs declarant to provide documents related to the goods:

A sale contract of goods or vouchers with equivalent value;

A technical document or a written component analysis (if any).

If the owner of the genuine goods which are counterfeited is determined, the owner of genuine goods which are counterfeited shall provide documents related to goods (such as catalogs, appraisement conclusions, and documents from abroad, results of handling of similar cases). If the owner of the genuine goods could not be determined, customs dossiers, genuine goods, analysis results of the risk information of goods and the law on counterfeit goods shall be utilized for identification; customs control forces shall be cooperated to investigate, verify (if necessary) or transfer information, case files to customs control forces to investigate, verify and handle in accordance with regulations of laws.