A Florida business owner will face off against ride-sharing giant Uber over claims that her new beauty app “BeauBer” infringes the company’s trademark.

Carolina Vengoechea began developing BeauBer—a play on her two job titles, beautician and barber—in 2018 to help her customers book salon appointments more easily. She told the New York Post that Uber is now demanding she give up the app’s name, arguing it attempts to capitalize on the Uber brand.

In recent years, Uber has challenged numerous trademarks that bear its name, including “Uber Trash,” “UberAire,” “Uber Cuts” and “Uber Health.”

Speaking with the PostMichael Goldberg, a partner in Pryor Cashman’s Intellectual Property Group, explained, “the more they protect their mark, the more its value grows. [Vengoechea] is a victim of Uber’s success, really.”

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