The Saudi Authority of Intellectual property (SAIP) leaves no stone unturned, in its efforts to protect trademark owners as well as the consumers at large in the Kingdom. As it is a known fact, the objective of obtaining a market devoid of IP infringements, the trademark owners as well as the layman consumers should be aware of the provisions/machinery available to them in order to protect their trademark and/or to protect oneself from the menace of counterfeit activities, as well as for the enforcement of their rights.

The SAIP has recently explained to the owners of e-stores, the procedures for submitting a complaint to the Authority, in case a registered trademark is infringed or used by another person/entity without prior authorization from the owner of the mark. They explained the steps to be taken to file a complaint by filling in the required data and then submitting it through the official website of the authority.

Such efforts shed light on the efforts of the authority which intend to continue with its inspection campaigns in order to create awareness of the importance of respecting IP rights.

In the said statement, the SAIP stressed the need for the citizens and residents to help them in their endeavors by communicating/complaining about any possible infringements, through the Authority’s official channels for such complaints.