Considerations And Implications Of The Proposed Temporary Waiver Of COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Intellectual Property Rights

The Biden administration has indicated support for the temporary waiver of patent protections related to COVID-19 vaccine development.

In the United States, there are three COVID-19 vaccines that received emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Millions of Americans are receiving vaccine dosages daily to inch the country closer toward herd immunity. Mass vaccination and achieving herd immunity would limit the ability of the virus to spread and develop further mutations that […]

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Are These Two “Bull” Designs Confusingly Similar For Auto Parts?

Here’s another Section 2(d) opposition involving dueling design marks, this time for overlapping and related auto parts and services. Applicant K2 refers to its mark (on the left) as “an abstract partial body view of a cattle like creature.” Opposer Streetcar refers to its mark (on the right) as a “fanciful design of a bison.” Confusable? You be the judge. StreetCar ORV, LLC d/b/a American Expedition Vehicles v. K2 Motor Corp., Opposition No. 91248742 (May […]

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Patent Owner Tip #5 For Surviving An Instituted IPR: The Right Expert Can Save Your Patent

The right expert can be the critical piece that saves the validity of your patent. Finding the right expert for a patent owner requires careful selection and due diligence. We previously detailed how your expert’s testimony can make or break your Patent Owner’s Response (“POR”). The following details what actions and considerations Patent Owners should take to locate and identify the best experts for testifying to the Board, which can be different considerations than those for […]

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