Open Source Software Remains A Target As GNOME Foundation Hit With Patent Infringement Lawsuit

In a move that evidences an emerging pattern, Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC, a non-practicing entity (“NPE”), has filed a complaint asserting patent infringement against the open source software organization, the GNOME Foundation. The GNOME Foundation is the non-profit organization that coordinates the development and operation of the popular open source desktop environment with which it shares a name. The GNOME desktop environment supports many free and open source software applications. Rothschild alleges in the […]

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Okay, Google®: Can AI Be Granted Inventorship To A Patent?

Google® CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated the capabilities of Google Assistant onstage at Google I/O.1 Triggered by a voice command, the Google Assistant software seamlessly and successfully communicated with a hair salon employee, via a phone call that the software initiated, to book the appointment. Pichai explained that Google Assistant actually “understand[s] the nuances of conversation” by combining natural language understanding, deep learning and text-to-speech technology. This represents a new and less blatantly artificial development in the […]

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How To Establish A Bona Fide Intent To Use For A Trademark Application

Before 1988, the U.S. Trademark Law (known as the Lanham Act) required an applicant to have begun to use a mark in commerce before applying to register it.  This use requirement was loosely interpreted to permit owners to obtain rights by making “token use” of their marks.

In 1988, the Law was changed to permit an application to be filed before use if, at the time the applicant applies for registration, the applicant has a […]

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